Why do Rabbits have Faces?

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I always feel like...somebody's watchin' me!  What's your opinion about vibes with faces? I have had mixed reviews from clients.  Some say it's "creepy" while others say the face makes it "cute."  I happen to error on the side of "creepy," but not so creepy it deters me from using it.  My opinion, if you're going for cute, go all-the-way cute....like the Muse....Now there's a cute vibe with some personality!!!
(Soooo cute)....but a phallic shaped rabbit, with a funny lookin' face, scopin' out your insides?  That's a miss for me-- design wise.  But hey, if it does the job then stare away little face. So why the face?  Through my research I have found 2 consistent stories regarding this Japanese mystery.

 Reason #1.  Legal Loophole-The phallus is an extremely sensitive symbol, and its use in production is strictly prohibited.  In order to get it past legislation, the Japanese came up with an oh-so-creative way to "disguise" the vibrating wonder....slap a face under the head! Genius....no one will ever recognize it now!  Actually they put the face under the tip....or they turn the vibe into animals or creatures...like dolphins.

Reason #2. Vibrating Dolls (Another legal loophole)- It is illegal in Japan to ship sex toys out of the country; so, in order to get these high demand items to other areas, a face is made on the vibrator and it sold as a vibrating doll.  Can u comb its hair...No. Can you play dress up with it...Not exactly. Will it be on your 6 years old's Christmas list...Let's hope not! But it can bring you hours and hours of pleasure. Batteries not included...

Whatever the reason...be ready to respond to clients either for or against the vibrating dolls/un-phallic like phallus.


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