ILS Review

It was such a pleasure to meet other HPPPA members, network, view new and existing product, and hang out with old friends.  If you weren't able to attend ILS or HPPPA events you missed out.  In just a few days: We had a panel discussion with Scott Watkins (Doc Johnson),  Lulu Daniels  (NS Novelties), and Loren Levy (President of Classic Erotica); we got product presentations from Doc Johnson, Classic Erotica, Closet Collection Toys, Revel Body, System Jo, Spareparts Hardware, Semenette, New York Toy Collective, and Divine Toys; we had informative presentations from our very own founder Tamara Payton Bell and Member Liaison, Kim Varner; we hosted our first ever Kink and Bondage night with demonstrations from XRBrand, Sportsheets, and our member Erotasies; we celebrated together with our annual HPPPA POP event; we networked, laughed, danced, got April fooled, and shared in genuine camaraderie.

I am both pleased and honored to be part of such an amazing association.

In the weeks coming please look forward to pictures and information taken and shared throughout the show, a 3-part BDSM informational series, show specials, product reviews, and upcoming ideas and information regarding our next years "10 year anniversary" show at ILS.  This will be an event you DO NOT want to miss!

A special thank you to everyone on the management team that helped make every event possible, each person and company that gave presentations, and members that attended and contributed to our successful events.

In addition, HPPPA was featured in a story in XBiz News.  Check it out here!

Why to Attend a Tradeshow

The other day someone asked me "Why do you attend trade-shows?"  I know a few of the reasons, but with ILS right around the corner, what better time to maximize my potential and consider all the ways I can benefit from attending trade shows.  Here are some reasons.  Feel free to comment with some of your own.

*Easily compare product, price, and services.  With so many companies competing for your business all in one area, take the time to compare and choose what company offers what YOU are looking for.

*See whats out there.  Even the best of the best can't keep up with all the new product coming out.  If it isn't displayed, ask the venders, "what new products can our consumers expect coming up."  Even if it is yet to be released, this allows you to brainstorm ways to introduce your new product, or see what direction the market is headed.

*Network, network, network! Not just with venders but with other attendees.  There are so many benifits to networking...This could be its own topic.

*Use your senses.  With so many products and limited information when ordering (especially in this business) its so hard to know what your going to get.  How many times have you thought you were ordering one thing, and ended up with something different?  It happens to all of us.  Take a list of products you have been considering.  Chances are, it's displayed somewhere at the trade-show.  Even without the list, take the time to look, touch, taste, smell, and hear different products.  Even if you chose not to order now you'll know what to order in the future.

*Save money.  Most venders are offering trade-show specials, free shipping, or discounts for first time buyers.  Take advantage of this savings by attending the trade-show.

*Get educated.  A lot of times venders will have seminars, trainings, or presentations.  Take advantage and increase your knowledge about the products you are offering your consumers.

*Have fun. Yes it's about business, but why not have fun too!

Come Join Us!

 Are you ready for the International Lingerie Show?
The show is held bi-annually in Las Vegas, NV. 

We have a wonderful line up for you this upcoming show.  Among the HPPPA events will be
its first ever "Kink and Bondage Lab!"  This will be held the first evening of the International Lingerie Show (ILS), and you do not want to miss it!

March 31, 2014


Sportsheets, XRBrand, and Erotasies. 

Learn about Electro Play, Rope Bondage, and more!

Booking Flights 101

With the International Lingerie Show approaching in a few weeks I'm sure there is still lots to do and check off your list.  For those of you that haven't gotten your tickets are some tips for you to remember when purchasing.  After much research here are the top 5 bits of information that I found most helpful.

Tip #1- The best time to purchase your ticket is on Tuesdays.  Airlines that have specials post them Monday evening, so often times other airlines will match or attempt to compete with these sales, posting their specials on Tuesday.

Tip #2- The best window to purchase is between 16-45 days.  The absolute worst time is within one week and more than 4 months out.  Once you hit the 4 month window, start checking flights once a week to catch the best deal.  Research shows that on average flights go down by $50 and up by $300, so checking frequently will increase your chances of a better deal.

Tip #3- Be Flexible.  So you would like to leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday?  This is (most often) the most expensive days to fly.  Consider extending your stay by a day or two.  While you may save money in flight fees, keep in mind that by staying extra days you may be spending more on hotel or rental car fees, so be sure to take outside costs into account. 

Tip #4- Utilize free tools.  Already set on what airlines you are going to travel with?  There are countless sites that will do the research for you by checking numerous flights by numerous airlines.  Even if you think you have the cheapest airline, in addition to checking prices directly on their site, utilize the free sites that compare prices...You may be surprised to find that getting your tickets indirectly may save you money.

Tip $5- Consider ALL fees.  You go to book a flight through a 3rd party source and find that one airline is $50 cheaper than another.  Before you click on the "buy now" button, check the fine print.  Some airlines have additional/higher fee's than others.  (This can include checking baggage, 3rd party fees, taxes, etc...)This can increase your bottom line cost very quickly.  Also, some airlines charge more to check bags if you wait to pay at the airport. 

Overall with careful planing you can save money on your next flight....Just be sure to utilize different sources to maximize you savings. 

"Practice What You Preach" - Increase Your Happiness

A lot of us are used to giving love, sex, relationship, and/or business advice to others.  This could be anything from tips at a party, information share while networking, passing on some of your own expertise to friends and family, or for some...the more formal setting of love coaching. 

Most of the things we say come from experience in the business, our own personal journey, or knowledge from schooling or research.  The things we share are often very helpful tips for others....but what about for ourselves?  I too am guilty of sharing good advice, but sometimes not adhering to it myself.  Sounds like the shoemaker whose family had no shoes.

60 Day Challenge:  Take one piece of advice that you give to others (just start off with one to increase the likelihood of success), and consciously follow it yourself.  Feel free to make it something small, if need be, and see if it increases your level of happiness. They say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit, and if you do it for 30 more it re-affirms it. 

After you have created your "healthy habit of happiness," not only will you feel better, but when you pass it along as advice you can say "I do it myself," and actually mean it!

Feel free to comment with what your "healthy habit of happiness" is to help inspire others. 

My first "healthy habit of happiness" is going to be to create a long and short term goal collage. I'll  keep it up and visible to help me stay on track and maintain focus on my goals.