Masturbation and the Joys of Playing with Yourself

     Masturbation means manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure. (According to

     I don't remember a time when masturbation was "taboo". Maybe because my parents didn't really discuss things like that (and i definitely wasn't going to ask them). But some of you reading this  remember when touching your private area was a no-no.

     As teenage years fade away and we begin to "mature" we use masturbation as more than just to bring ourselves pleasure. It now becomes a stress reliever. It also becomes a way to relax. Even a way to fully wake up in the morning. (To think for so many years I've used an alarm clock. What a waste!) It's also the best way to learn about sexuality.
     Let us look a bit further into the benefits of self pleasure. People who do indulge in it, discovers what they enjoy the most sexually and how to reach an orgasm. My favorite phrase is "you have to love yourself before you expect anyone else to". When doing any adult home pleasure party I always explain to the clients that you have to find out what feels.good to YOU in the bedroom. How do we expect our lover to figure that out? That's a lot of pressure!

     As we grow sexually masturbation also increases self esteem. Why not? You are touching the very body that gives you pleasure. How beautiful is that?! And it strengthens muscle tone in the pelvic and anal areas reducing a woman's changes of have "accidents". (Hey this is getting better and better!)

     Is there any risks with masturbation? I mean you don't have a chance of getting an STD or becoming pregnant. You have the perfect partner.....yourself! What could possible be wrong with this?! Well it depends on your upbringing. If there was negative feedback on masturbation during your youth you may feel shame. Then there is skin irritation if lube isn't used. And here is a warning to all that may still live at home with family or have a roommate; please DO NOT masturbate and wear earphones. You may not hear that knock at your bedroom door. (Oh no!!!!)

     There are many ways to enjoy masturbation. Some add adult toys to their alone time (yaaay we love adult toys!) While others even have a partner or others present. A few guys may like the feel of warm mayonnaise in a jar (umm no thanks i will have mustard on my sandwich today.) And some women like to indulge right before sex.

     Bottom line, this is "normal", great for physical and mental health and such fun when done like, EVERYTHING else in the world, with moderation. Sit back and discover! You maybe surprised what you enjoy.

     Well until next time folks.....Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom.






How Important is a Good Kiss?

      Hi there. Let me ask you a question. Personally, deep down inside; how important is kissing? We are all adults in an industry that doesn't always (I didn't say never) encourage romance in the bedroom. Hmmm.

     Kissing is such an intimate action. Some would rather kiss down under than kiss on the mouth. I guess we reserve that for someone special like family or a significant other. Most of us have been kissed so much as children by moms, dads, aunts etc that we equate kissing as a strong form of love.

     According to Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, "Women say they can tell if the relationship is going to work after the 1st kiss, after the 1st night of kissing," he says "They just get a feeling, an intuition." Personally I believe that's so true. Ladies we can feel that "spark" or those butterflies in our tummy. 

     Our lips and skin is so sensitive to touch, just kissing send so many different sensations to our mind and other parts of our body reacts. Good oral hygiene is important (Please brush that MOUTH before you run face 1st to kiss someone. Ewww!). If you must snack on those garlic chips, make sure your date is at least sharing the smelly treat. Then when kissing it won't be so offensive. 
     So what about French kissing? Well please make sure you warn your partner before you shove you tongue down their throat. (How super unsexy choking them with you tongue!). Don't forget to allow breathing. Who knew that French kissing exercises the muscles in you face?! It helps keep you looking sexy and young. (Whoo hoo!!!!)

     Kissing may help you lose.some weight, well at least burns calories. You can burn 2 calories a minute during a real passionate kiss. Similar to burning calories jogging on a treadmill. (But don't change your exercise routine)

     Kissing doesn't just stop on those lips. Lots of folks enjoy a good kiss planted on their neck. That also brings excitement into you "necking"l (hahaha) The neck is so very sensitive, just like the lips the sensations can be felt throughout your body. 

     Sexual healing isn't just a song! Kissing can relieve stress. How can you stay angry for long after a wonderful lip locking session? It's almost like meditation. Kissing can quiet the "buzz" in your mind or maybe even allow you to forget that long day of work. 

     Here is our look into the importance of a good kiss. Just touching the surface on how we as humans enjoy the intimate skin to skin contact of our partner. 

     Well until next time folks......Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom!

Help Me Choose

    Hi everyone. With schools opening up and all of us (ok, ok only me obviously) running around trying to get things together.....whew! Let me sit still and tell everyone thank you for supporting what I have put out so far and trying to keep the vision we all have for HPPPA now and into the future. But today will be short. Maybe you can help me pick a topic for the next entry. What do you think about "How Important is a Good Kiss?"," Lifestyle Clubs and Home Parties. How Can This Work for You?" or "The Luxury Consumers....What Does That Mean for Our Business?"

     Tell me what you want to want to read. Press send Feedback and give me some insight. Thanks so much for the support!

Foot Fetish......Tickle, Tickle.

    Hi everyone. I am here sitting at the nail salon finishing off my biweekly pedicure. As usual I laughed so much and so hard that the lady sitting next to me and the nail technician started to giggle (Oh well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...right). Me and my ticklish feet (blah). But my laughable moment got me to thinking about foot fetish and what is it all about. 
     Let's take a peek into what is a foot fetish. According to Wikipedia foot fetish or foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts (and the most searched sexual term on the internet.....who knew?).
     Which means a foot fetish is the need or desire of the person to play with their lover's feet. This will help them reach sexual satisfaction. And it's not always the entire foot that someone may be attracted to. It could be just the nails, toes, ankles, shoes (Oh my goodness! I have a foot fetish!), even jewelry that is worn on the foot. 

    Now that you know what the meaning is. And you realize your partner has a foot fetish. What do you do?! Don't get all freaked out! Take you time and learn what they like. Most people who have this fetish still have a "normal" (did you laugh at the word normal too? ) sex life. Just relax. This fetish can be virtually harmless.

    Let's look at some of the things that can turn on your foot loving partner. They may enjoy foot visuals, smells and textures. Wearing sexy shoes (any opportunity for me to buy new shoes makes me happy!), the feel of thigh highs and panty hose, even knee high socks can turn them on. They may even like the odor of your smelly socks. Giving massages with edible or flavored lubes can be enjoyable and masturbating with the foot or giving a "foot job" can excite your lover to the point of orgasm. 

     Remember with practice (and well pedicured toes) feet can do almost anything hands can do! Well until next time folks..... Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom.

Anal Sex......Try It You May Like It

     So what exactly is anal sex? Well according to Wikipedia anal sex is generally the insertion and thrusting (! Who is afraid of that word) of the erect penis into a person's anus and/or rectum for sexual pleasure. Other forms of anal sex include: fingering (which I always recommend for novices and personally I find it more comfortable), the use of sex toys for anal penetration, oral sex performed on the anus (anilingus....we will chat about that in a later post....maybe Anal Sex: The Series) and pegging (Don't give me that look)

      Just like anything else, anal sex has it's risks. According to Wikipedia some of the general risks include: infections due to the high number of infectious microorganisms not found elsewhere in the body. And physical damage to the anus and rectum due to their fragility. 

     Even with all the facts some of us are still curious. How can we tell our partner we want to give a try in the butt? Just be careful when deciding to broach the subject. We definitely do NOT want the love of our life or even the side piece to feel inadequate sexually. Here are some suggestions on how to make this adventure easier. 
     First, you have to be open and honest. Talk about what you are feeling. When I finally decided I wanted to try anal. I was a bit nervous to chat about it with my partner. I didn't want him to think I was gross. It was awkward in the beginning but with ALOT of blushing and stuttering (and dry mouth and I think my palms were sweaty...ewww) Even through all of that I was able to get my message across. As our conversation continued we definitely found the desire to be mutual (thank goodness).
     So what's next? Do you just grab the anal lube and go to town? Not yet. We definitely want to set the mood. Make sure the person you are with is super comfortable. Some pheromone candles (or any yummy smelling candle you have on hand). Soft music playing in the background. Take a warm relaxing bath or nice leisurely shower together. Washing each other would make any man or woman feel like royalty. Paying attention to the rear end is something I recommend. I personally love bathing together. It's sensual and puts my mind at ease. Feeling your lover touch you so very intimately is a sure fire way to let them know I'm here and I care. 
     Now off to the bedroom where the party begins. Fast forward past the drying your partner off, maybe a sweet massage, nibbles and we are on the bed. And the moment is staring us RIGHT IN THE FACE! (Whew, did it get hot in here??) Don't make this more painful than it needs to be. Maybe you should try fingering your partner, using the lube of your choice. Try 1 finger at a time, slowly sliding back and forth (can not stress enough please be liberal with the lube!) We can also try anilingus. This may make your partner scream the heavens down. Steady, gentle licks on the anus sends chills down anyone's spine.  
     This might be where you stop. Some aren't ready to go "all the way" in one night. And that's fine. There are no real rules to anal sex. Just take your time, relax and enjoy. Try including some of these methods in your regular foreplay so your lover can be comfortable with the sensations, eventually you may introduce new positions that allow more or less access to the anus. 
     "Bottom" line (wink) is we want to have fun and maybe even achieve the elusive anal orgasm. I bet that term got your attention! Well until next time folks.....Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom!