Sex As We Age...How Is it For You?

     As we age a lot of our once hectic lives have significantly slowed down. Our children have grown up and we may have retired from a career. Now we have nothing but time and opportunity to discover ourselves and our partner.

     So many believe sex when we were younger was it, nothing will be as exciting again! Well hold your horses. Studies show sex can be just as fulfilling if not MORE satisfying as we age.

     We do understand as we age, if does take longer to become sexually arouse, because of that some men and women worry about their performance in the bedroom. Sex is just as healthy and necessary the exercise your doctor recommends. So get back into practice. Once you’re back in the habit, you’ll start to feel better and your sex drive should naturally increase

     A good sex life involves a lot more than the actual act of sex. It’s also about intimacy. If you  have health problems or physical disabilities, you can engage in intimate acts and enjoy the closeness of your partner. Take the pressure off by putting aside your old ideas of what sex "should be." Focus instead on the importance of tenderness and contact.

     Tell me how do YOU spice up a relationship if you are over 40? Share if you dare.

     Well until next time folks......Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom  

How is the Weather Treating Your Sex Life?

     Some of us love the cooler months and there are others who really like it HOT. But does the weather affect your sex life? It does and i will give you a basic explanation of how.

     Now during the summer months, we feel a bit more sex anyway. The freedom of wearing skimpy, sexy outfits. Texting your lover that you want to skinny dip in your favorite lake. Sensual picnics in the privacy of your back yard. But it has been proven that summer sun isn't just great for rendezvous or a tan.

     There has been studies done that linked warmer weather with an improved sex drive due to a hormone called the melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), which stimulates the sex drive in women and is secreted when the sun is shining.

     And in both men and women there is the "happy, feel good" transmitter called serotonin is generated more in the brain in spring and summer months. With the increase strength of the sunlight the production of serotonin increases. That explains why you feel more frisky in the warmer months.

     So as fall and winter come upon us we don't have the strong desire to hop in bed with our partner. With the intensity of the sun light not being as strong the production of serotonin has decreased (what?? Oh no!). The hormones are being replaced by melatonin and this acts the opposite way serotonin acts.

     But everyone is different, remember what may be a great impact on one person may not be as much with someone else. There are of course other factors that may reduce your sex drive. If you are becoming depressed, eating sugar excessively, sleeping longer than usual; it may be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Consulting a professional is definitely recommended.

     So what are you going to do about it? We can definitely try to get outdoors together more to get as much sun as the weather allows. Then there is always fun things indoor to do such as sensual massages, sexy games and mojo retrieving date nights. I refuse to allow colder months to freeze my fun. (Well I thought it was funny)

     Well until next time folks.....Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom




Plus-Plus Sized Lingerie and Loving the Skin We Are In!

     So i began my search for plus-plus size and "super" sized lingerie recently and it has been like pulling teeth! Just wow! My bestie is a plus sized Diva (wearing dress size 28-30) and for us it's almost PAINFUL to find her a sexy outfit that isn't a babydoll type piece. She wants the thongs and the garters, the fishnets and the corsets. Why should it be difficult to find that one gorgeous item? We deserve the same little slinky, sassy, sexy, piece.

     I've started digging on the internet and looking at retailers that claim to have an abundance of products for us plus sized and plus-plus sized divas. I have found a few sites that are so body positive, that I have sent those owners personal emails. One in particular I have liked on Facebook, this company actually has real life ladies as their models. Not just professional beauties! How encouraging!? I love how my Divas are in love with themselves. Showing off, loving the skin their in.

     As women begin evolve with self love i want to encourage all to do a bit of research, look around the internet or in your community, find places that cater to your lovely curves.

     Well until next time folks.....Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom.

Q&A About The Swinger Community

     I have been apart of the swinger community for over 10 years. This is a chance to share your thoughts and ask questions about the swinger community. Feel free to ask away. No question is silly or taboo.

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Stepping Out Of The Box With Swinger Lifestyle Clubs and Our Business

While doing 80 down 95N on my way back from my family vacation. Business mode has switched on and tons are going through my mind. One thing in particular is my upcoming swinger lifestyle event that I planned on attending this evening. What will pleasure products will I bring? Will I have more men or more women? Definitely have to get their early, don't want to get there and the party is in full "swing"  (was that laughter i heard?)

    What is the swinger lifestyle or LS? Usually the swinger lifestyle can be considered swingers culture. Being apart of that culture does not mean you are a swinger. If interested in swinging for your own personal pleasure i will also give you some basic advise to try you hand at swinging.

     If you are apart of a couple communication is important and the hardest part of swinging. It is a brave, exhilarating way to spice up your love life. If you are single, the sex you were born does matter when it comes to being introduced into the community. For example lots of couples are looking for single females. Very few are willing to allow a single male to play. Same with the clubs. It's usually less expensive for a female to "party" when paying entry fees. Single men, well be prepared to shell out a pretty penny! It's not to say all clubs and other couples are like this but the majority I've had contact with are. Next, veterans or experienced couples are a bit hard to find because they are discreet. Your neighbors could be swingers and you wouldn't know.

     The internet will become your best tool for researching swingers clubs. Trying joining a few sites. This is not an endorsement, just my personal preference; i liked using AdultFriendFinder. Avoid using different aliases on the same site. This will make you seem untrustworthy,  and that you aren't serious about meeting up.

     Just to remind you it is difficult to meet a swinger when doing your regular routine you call life. When i was introduced, it was totally by accident. Just knew someone who knew someone.

     What does the swinger community mean for our business? Well like any other group of people, this is a huge opportunity to cash in....if YOU are willing. Like I've previously said meeting someone who is in the Life is difficult, think about how even more of a struggle it is to be a business offering services to this group of folks. Trust is a huge thing! If you are unknown and your business reputation is sketchy it's hard to convince them you are non judgemental and open.

     I would send tons of emails to local swinger clubs just to get an audience with the group owners to hear my "proposal" to become their "resident" adult toy provider. I even approached the groups on Facebook.

     So far I've been invited to provide a table set-up for approximately 4 to 5 groups regularly. The business has been good so far. Be warned. This type of clientele isn't for the faint of heart.

     If you are uncomfortable with nudity and sex within earshot, this is not for YOU! If you are uncomfortable with dressing down into lingerie etc., this is not for YOU! The parties aren't orgies or free for all. Most will respect that you are just there for business. Some you may have to actually say something to but there most reputable groups have security on the premises.

     Before attending the party i like to do heavy promotions on the group's page and any type of social media associated with the group. I encourage prepaid preorders. Any item they order will be waiting for them to pickup from my table, where i get the chance to upsell other things.

     Some events the group will allow you to have your own room and some will have you in the mingling area. I've had both. I also bring a helper that is either familiar with swinger parties or just very comfortable with it. With them present i can go to the restroom or walk around showing "the locals"  what i have available at my table. I also have on high end lingerie that is available for order. I usually only sell cash and carry items. Things that they can use right there. For example Tongue Dingers, Finger Dingers, Bullets just to name a few.

     Bottom line....this is an opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and step way outside the box. I find this fun, adventurous and profitable. A great way to network and meet other professionals.

Well until next time folks....Allow Us Inside of Your Bedroom